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Oceania UK is a group established to forge strong community links between players and families who have moved to the UK from the Pacific Islands.


The group has built a strong support network to help the sport's overseas players settle into their new life at Super League, Championship and League 1 clubs.


Oceania spring 2024


To welcome the new arrivals for 2024, Oceania UK are holding a family get-together at Sharlston Rovers RLFC near Wakefield on Saturday February 24. The event is an opportunity to meet other players and their families, and to to enjoy an 'island feed' featuring traditional cuisine from the Pacific Islands. 


The get-together starts at noon and goes on until 4pm and a warm welcome is guaranteed (even if the weather is unlikely to be warm in late February!). 


RL Cares is proud to support Oceania UK. For more information contact Carl Hall on 07506 647569 or email







"To know a community is to know its food"


- Gil Marks



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