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It was lovely to meet the retired players – and their partners who were with them – at our dementia clinic with our dedicated Dementia UK Admiral Nurse Joe Costello on June 5.


Joe was able to offer a wealth of useful advice, dispel a few myths, soothe some worries and provide plenty of information to the attendees, all of whom were full of praise for their involvement.

Joe Costello wide

“It took a bit of courage for me to reach out and get help but I’m really glad I did. Joe was brilliant and I’d like to thank him and RL Cares for what they do,” said one former RL international who had his first appointment yesterday.


“I feel reassured and more confident about what I need to do to now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any player who is worried about their memory to go and see Joe.”


The clinics take place on the first Wednesday of every month and are funded by the RL Cares Brain Health Fund, which itself comprises voluntary donations from the public and supportive organisations.

Appointments are available for all current or retired professional players – and family members who care for them – and are free and totally confidential.


As well as advising players suffering from memory loss and dementia symptoms, Joe is also able to offer lots of support and advice for younger players on how to keep their brain healthy for longer.


If you’re a current or former player and would like to speak to Joe in confidence at our next clinic on Wednesday July 3, please click this link


For more information on the RL Cares Brain Health Fund, click here



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