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Sam’s story is packed with incredible lessons, inspiring messages and insightful observations from his climb to the summit of world sport.



In this video, rugby league legend Sam Tomkins discusses his definition of high performance and how he built a winning team mentality. He talks about his journey from a young player who was a late developer to becoming a top player.


He mentions how he was part of the pay-as-you-play group and had to get a job while also training and playing for Wigan. He shares how his family and the club believed in him and how he never stopped working hard.


He says that his advice to young players would be to stick with it, as they will get chances if they are committed and have the right mentality. He also mentions the importance of being disciplined and following non-negotiable rules in order to be successful.


This video was originally featured on the High Performance Website...


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"How you do anything is how you do everything"



- Sam Tomkins



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